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Download (RPG) Heroes Charge v1.4.0 Apk

Download (RPG) Heroes Charge Apk

Join with your companions in the best and most recent activity RPG multiplayer online fight coliseum, HEROES CHARGE!

Gather and train your saints, assemble your partners, reinforce your leds and wipe out the adversary in exciting, addictive and quick paced amusements. In excess of one hundred missions for you to share in the story that YOU tell. Which saints will you pick?


- Choose between in excess of 50 interesting and changed Heroes, from skirmish bruisers, lithe bowmen and effective mages

- Fight and investigate through the universe of Kron, find uncommon leds and check whether you have what it takes to influence them to go along with you!

- Develop and redesign your abilities while gathering gr sets that imbue your leds with control over your enemies!

- An immersive involvement with companions or go solo all alone in various fights

- Blend collaboration with your companions as you fight against contending societies for tip top prizes

- Develop joint effort and techniques to manage the universe of Kron

- Build or join an organization of companions

- Fight through the PVP Arena for s acclaim!

- Collect and crte uncommon saints!

- Fight against a crowd of foes in difficult extraordinary occasions!
Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: 76mb | Version: 1.4.0


Version 1.4.0

Download (Racing) Angry Birds Go! v1.5.2 Apk for Android

Download (Racing) Angry Birds Go Apk for Android
Summary and Analysis

Feel the hurry as you indulce those freewheeling winged animals and piggies down the track dangerously fast – with a lot of wanders aimlessly in an exciting race to the completion line!

However be careful! Pay special mind to perilous streets, evil adversaries riding your tail and unique forces to put the race pioneer behind the pack. Additionally, go from soapbox auto to supercar by overhauling your ride! Prepared… Set… Angry Birds Go!

Initially EVER 3d ANGRY BIRDS WORLD! See the flying crtures and pigs from ch point as Piggy Island wakes up in this rich and vivid 3d world!

its rsonable that Angry Birds Go is not difficult to play and uinely addictive, particularly for short blasts of time. The commonplace, vivid characters are all there and ch has their own particular exceptional force ups to use against the resistance.

The controls are straight-forward. You can either control utilizing tilt controls or on-screen ches, and there's no incrsing speed or braking to stress over as its a downhill r and gravity does everything for you.

You begin off with one character, the Red fthered crture, and one auto. You can open new characters by finishing races like supervisor fights, in spite of the fact that you will need to finish ch of the character races three times to get said character.

The physical science are extraordinary, with autos observably improving the all the more in-diversion coins you use on overhauls and there are a lot of force ups to chaos around with as you get further into the amusement.

In a single race, you'll need to keep away from snags to complete a race before a timed-bomb goes off, in an alternate you need to splat through as much products of the soil as you can before intersection the completion line. Obviously, there are excellent versus races too.

So as to advancement effectively through the different levels, you'll have to work out which autos and characters are the most proper. This obliges a decent lot of joining on your part as you'll need to gain coins to buy redesigns.

As a component of the freemium model, past the initial three auto alternatives you need to buy autos utilizing true coin. You may have the capacity to finish the diversion utilizing completely redesigned stock vehicles, yet we rnestly question it and Rovio is charging a premium for alternate vehicles.

RACE AS THE BIRDS OR PIGS! Hop in the driver's st and race.

Expert THE TRACKS! A lot of circuits, trick streets, air courses and rough terrain races – ch one tossing enormous and unforeseen difficulties your way!

Amazing SPECIAL POWERS! Crush your rivals off the street and take that winning position because of remarkable extraordinary forces for ch one character!

Significantly MORE TO COME! The race has just barely started – so pay special mind to a lot of people more fun things nring you
Requirement: 2.3.3 and up | Size: 48mb | Version: 1.5.2


Version 1.5.2

(Casual) Download Bubble Witch 2 Saga v1.12.2 Apk

(Casual) Download Bubble Witch 2 Saga Apk

Alongside dropping the air pockets, you're likewise occasionally asked to pop them deliberately keeping in mind the end goal to free phantoms or crtures caught among them.

This obliges thinking ahd and figuring out how to viably skip rises off the sides of the screen. It's stimulating in a well known sort of way, however doesn't add much to the first Bubble Witch.

Different likenesses between the two recrtions incorporate the scoring framework and the utilization of powerups.

Focuses are rned as air pockets arrive in cauldrons, and focuses are incrsed by bobbing rises off of well disposed, low-hanging arachnids. Powerups–such as a Rainbow Bubble that matches any color and a Fire Bubble that smolders through everything in its path–unlock as you advancement and can be purchased for gold.

These things make Bubble Witch Saga 1 and 2 feel rlly much the same. To be rsonable, the premise of these announcements are the initial fifty levels played upon an Android telephone. Still, that ought to be a rsonable enough examining on which to base certain suppositions.

As they spk to the diversion, Bubble Witch Saga 2's unassuming expectation apprs to enhance and strmline things, as opposed to erally transform them

The diversion's gone from spooky to adorable and stars a witch who could give Glinda the Good a run for her cash. The palette's changed a considerable msure too and is significantly more bright.

The interface has likewise experienced a facelift and is much more straightforward than in the recent past. Gameplay-wise, the principle contrasts are the absence of disappointing point-scoring goals and the expansion of a reward multiplier mode and turning playing field.

The "Hot Pot" multiplier happens when you execute a string of five back to back matches. furthermore gives you twofold the focuses, while the turning air pocket groupings include another level of test to arriving those precarious bank shots. All these things are unequivocal enhancements, yet its vague whether they warrant the making of an entire new diversion.
Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: 31mb | Version: 1.12.2


Version 1.12.2

Download Tiny Diver v1.3 Apk Mod (Unlimited)

Download Tiny Diver Apk Mod (Unlimited)

You're making a go at plunging! Investigate the profundities of the ocn and complete the journeys in this activity pressed, s-going enterprise diversion. Sounds simple? It's not difficult to play yet gets dubious!

In the wake of dropping into the s, basically hold your finger on the screen to rise and discharge to plunge your jumper towards higher scores!

All through ch one diversion you'll gather coins and complete journeys to procure money which can be utilized to purchase new wpon redesigns and vehicles in the store!

Lift your most loved vehicle and stock up on spr wpons, rocket firrms and after that get pull out there for all the more plunging activity!

Verify you dodge the obstructions and savage animals in your way. These incorporate jellyfish, grampus, sharks, octopus and even torpedoes.

As you swoop further there will be considerably more powerups to get and help along the way. Swim from thrt and you'll achieve enormous scores, open accomplishments and bt your Facebook companions on the lderboard!
Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: 37mb | Version: 1.3


Modded Version 1.3

Download Despicable Me v2.3.1a Apk Mod (Free Shopping)

Minion Rush Download Despicable Me Apk Mod (Free Shopping)

This is three path unending runner sort of diversion. You run, gather stuff and keep away from traps. Bananas are the principle cash in this amusement and you can utilize them to purchase force ups, open ensembles and get supports toward the start of the level.

The objective is obviously to run as far as might be fsible, gather bananas and force ups and stifle your past best separation. There is an alternate coin accessible, the brilliant tokens, which can be purchased for uine cash or found in diversion.

They are utilized for resuscitates, unique updates, extra ensembles or basically purchasing more bananas.

Inevitably you will run into a manager battles. Manager battles comprise of avoiding shots and turning them against the supervisor.

While they do sound basic, supervisor battles are enjoyable to play and erally simple. In the event that you come up short the first endvor, you will accomplish it on your second attempt

Amid the gameplay the cam incidentally moves the viewpoint from over hd perspective, to the side of the flunky running. While fascinating, this makes the diversion harder and will keep you on your toes the whole time.

On top of all, Despicable Me backings cloud spare and accomplishments, so your advancement will stay in place regardless of the fact that you choose to uninstall the product.
Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: Varies with device | Version: 2.3.1a


Modded Version 2.3.1a

Download Zombie Fire v1.1 Apk (Mod Unlimited) Free

Download Zombie Fire Apk Mod Unlimited Free

A first-individual shooting amusement with the subject of zombies!

This is a world brimming with zombies – the cemetery of human.

With the sprding of infection, immunization and you are the last any expectation of the world..

You must execute all zombies and bsts for survival.

Go hard and fast sending them to totally demise.

Bring your wpons, have an attempt!


Different wpons

Contrasted redesign techniques

Multi-sorts of crtures

Different play types
Requirement: 2.3 and up | Size: 22mb | Version: 1.1


Modded Version 1.1

Download APUS Notifiion v1.2.0 Apk (Tools)

Download APUS Notifiion Apk (Tools)

APUS Notifiion is a module for APUS Launcher. It is exceptionally helpful and can inform you ch missed call and unrd SMS on your telephone continuously.

When you get the warnings, an emblem will be showed up on the edge of the CALL or SMS symbols and the marker will vanish after the messages has been checked.

-Supports for call, SMS, Whatsapp and Gmail.

-Supports to show markers on the symbol anyplace, for example, in homescreen, dock bar and organizers

-It is intended for APUS Launcher, the most modest, speediest and simplest launcher on the planet and it is incorporated in the APUS User System.
Requirement: 4.0.3 and up | Size: 194kb | Version: 1.2.0


Version 1.2.0